How to develop emotionally intelligent leaders

Research shows that emotional intelligence links strongly to agile leadership. Join PSI and Statpro for their webinar to find out how emotionally intelligent leadership can support more agile ways of working

As the demands on organisations change, so too do the expectations on leaders. Traditional leadership competencies such as judgement, resilience, and charisma have shifted to meet the requirements of the digital age. PSI research into the impact of emotional intelligence (EI) in the workplace shows that it links strongly to the requirements of agile leadership – increasingly critical as today’s leaders need to adapt and respond to the needs of the future.

With over half (56 per cent) of the European workforce anticipating significant changes due to automation, the demands on leaders will continue to grow. Furthermore, key leadership behaviours that build employee engagement are closely related to EI, and the EI of leaders has a significant influence on the job satisfaction of the people working for them.

Join our webinar – A Climate for Agility: Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders to Create Psychological Safety – on Wednesday 27 November at 1pm, during which Sally Tanski, principal consultant from PSI Talent Management and Clinton Moseley, operations director at Statpro, will explore the link between emotionally intelligent leadership and the world of agile organisations.

They will share their experience of developing leaders at Statpro and talk about the lasting effect this has had.

Find out more about the essential links between EI and leadership and join the webinar where your key takeaways will be:

  • Find out how emotionally intelligent leadership can support more agile ways of working;
  • Discover how developing emotional awareness has impacted the way people lead;
  • Learn how greater emotional intelligence supports leaders in periods of change;
  • Find out how Statpro has developed more agile leaders with emotional intelligence.