Are you and your staff drinking too much?

If having members of your team hungover at work has ever impacted productivity and wellbeing, then knowing how many units are in your favourite alcoholic drinks can help you to work out the strength and make better choices about your drinking

Knowing how many units are in your favourite alcoholic drinks enables you to work out the strength, empowering you to make better choices about your drinking. It can also lead to a greater understanding of drink drive limits in the UK.  Many of us don’t realise the effects alcohol has the day after drinking; it can take up to 18 hours to regain concentration and alertness which can increase the likelihood of accidents in the workplace and impact overall wellbeing. 

The CMO’s low-risk drinking guideline is to not exceed more than 14 units per week, and it’s best to spread them evenly over two or three days, leaving some days completely drink-free.

14 units is roughly six pints of standard strength beer (4 per cent) or six medium glasses (175ml) of wine. We all know how easy it is to free pour a larger glass at home, so these units can easily add up if we’re not more mindful.

Supporting your employees’ wellbeing and safety

Drinkaware has designed group training sessions to educate your workforce on the effects of alcohol, units in common drinks and myth-busting exercises to empower staff to make better choices about their drinking. 

The Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol session includes:

  • How to work out units and calories in drinks;
  • Pub quiz style alcohol myth buster;
  • Lifestyle hacks to start including more drink-free days.

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