The three biggest learning trends to watch in 2020

 Each year, new trends driven by technology and innovation revolutionise the world of training. Get ahead of the curve by investigating and implementing these groundbreaking techniques for 2020

With technology, society, and the economy influencing how we train, each year brings exciting new trends to follow. 

Get ahead of the curve by investigating and implementing these trending training techniques for 2020.

AI coaching

Using AI to improve performance is a priority for many organisations, and in the L&D sphere, employers are focusing on practical applications for AI-based training.  

Microsoft will soon release an AI coach that integrates with PowerPoint to help users give better presentations, while AI coaching service Cognito is already at work, giving call centre workers real-time tips on customer service and tone.

Self-led online learning 

Research by Deloitte found that the average learner in the workplace can dedicate just 1 per cent of their working week to training – roughly 30 minutes of a standard 40-hour week.

Self-paced online courses are a simple solution to this problem. They’re easily consumed in bite-sized chunks, allowing staff to squeeze learning into their busy week.

A survey conducted by LinkedIn found that 58 per cent of workers prefer to learn at their own pace – and this is likely to increase as digital-native generations continue to join the workforce.

Focus on soft skills 

Soft skills are key to the success of an organisation with strong communication, personal skills, organisation and problem-solving directly linked to productivity. 

Traditionally, employers have neglected to train for these skills, assuming (or hoping) that they’re already present. 

However, more employers are realising the importance of developing these skills through formalised training, and the most cutting-edge are using augmented and virtual reality to enable ‘real-life’ soft skills practice. 

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