Building a happy and healthy workplace

Developing a successful health and wellbeing strategy is no mean feat. So what challenges are standing in the way of businesses like yours?

Employers and employees are realising the true value of health and wellbeing in the workplace, and crucially how the needs of one person might differ from the next.

However, developing health and wellbeing so it becomes ingrained into the fabric of your business, keeps momentum and helps people bring their best selves to work is no mean feat. So what are the challenges still blocking organisations up and down the country? What are the current and future needs of organisations like your own?

Understanding your audience

Our research highlighted employees know what they want when it comes to their health and 50 per cent of businesses cite that employee demand is the greatest driver for their strategy.

It’s interesting though to see that only half of businesses are measuring the effectiveness of their health and wellbeing strategy. Not measuring success is a missed opportunity. Insight informs strategy and crucially informs not only how well you’re addressing employee demand, but delivering impact for your business. Failure to do so could have a detrimental impact on securing future budget and resource.

Choosing the right strategic approach

84 per cent of employers already have a health and wellbeing strategy in place

Health and wellbeing strategies have blossomed in recent years and encouragingly we are seeing more and more how it plays an integral part in the culture of a business.

In the past, the main focus has been private medical insurance, health assessments and gym memberships, but now the health and wellbeing arena is expanding, and with more choices on offer, employers are embracing new technologies, demanding more in terms of integration and looking outside of the box for benefits.

There’s a lot of information out there and a lot of options which can be overwhelming at times.  The best way to tailor a strategy that’s suited to your organisation’s needs is to have a clear vision. Your business goals are unique and personal to you and your people, that’s why it’s important to:

  • Focus on goals that are important to your business 
  • Drive insight that empowers your business and your people to make informed decisions
  • Understand what motivates your employees to engage 
  • Identify the employees that need help the most, and quickly get them the support  they need
  • Develop a continual wellbeing cycle that can assess and optimise

Building your wellbeing culture together

Your business is as unique as your people. That’s why we take time to understand your organisation and partner with you to create strategies that drive ever-improving wellbeing

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