Is caring taking its toll on your employees – and your business?

Care for Life from Simplyhealth explains how employers can support their working carers

Large businesses in the UK could be losing as much as £1m annually because they’re failing to support some of the most vulnerable people in their organisation – those who care for an elderly relative.

Social care for the elderly is a crisis challenging the country. Increasingly, it’s working adults who bear the brunt with one in nine combining work and care, rising to one in five for the over-50s. This could impact on your best performers.

“I’ve had to give up a day’s holiday. Give up days at work a week. I thought every other week I’d have a day for me. But it's not, it’s for her.”

A carer in crisis can spend hours, often during work, trawling the internet for information, but it can be unclear who to trust or what’s the best advice to take. They may be distracted at work, or take time off suddenly. They can feel lonely or isolated and suffer from depression. They often don't feel comfortable talking to their manager or colleagues about their caring responsibilities. When a crisis arises, they face agonising choices.

This takes its toll emotionally, physically and financially. And it affects your business in terms of absenteeism and lost productivity. You may not be aware of what your people are going through, the number of carers you employ or the impact it could be having on your business.

How can you support your working carers?

Providing your employees with one trusted source of information is essential. Care for Life from Simplyhealth addresses these issues by bringing together comprehensive information on social care, health, finances and legal assistance in one accessible digital resource. Users can quickly find what they need, and get tailored individual advice from one of our experts.

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