How to plan and prepare for the return to work

Edenhouse Solutions’ latest e-book explains everything you need to know about creating a working environment that will succeed in the months and years to come. (Spoiler alert: what you knew pre-Covid won’t help you now)

After the Covid-19 panic subsided, the dawning realisation came. Things aren’t going back to how they were any time soon. From a business perspective, we need to figure out a way to carry on. There’s simply no other option. 

Easier said than done, of course. 

People’s perceptions of work have been changed forever, and the true extent of the psychological damage our colleagues and friends have suffered is not yet known. So it’s down to us – business leaders, people managers, the workforce – to create the environment and the working processes that are going to keep us safe, and our businesses profitable. 

Going back to how it was before, if there’s a possibility of operating differently,  simply won’t work. For the businesses that try, their employees will soon look elsewhere. 

In our new e-book, Managing the return to work, we explore how businesses can create a new working environment that, in live with government guidance, ensures your people are content and safe, and your business can run optimally and profitably. 

That process starts with your people – after all, they know how they feel about the prospect of working from an office, for example, as opposed to home. 

But that is only the start. There’s a multitude of things to consider – from how you manage people in a Covid-19 world, to how you manage your physical workspace. And how do you prepare your organisation so it can withstand whatever turbulence comes next? 

Transforming your business is a time-consuming process – especially when you’re operating in such a tumultuous environment that requires a more reactive and agile way of working than ever before. 

By moulding your processes, your systems, your physical and digital environments while being cognisant of the realities of today, you can build a business that will be best placed to succeed and flourish tomorrow.