Enhancing employee experience with data-driven decision-making

NTT's VP of HR and facilities for the UK and Ireland, Steve Warner, looks at how data-derived insights coupled with empathetic human decision-making are vital for enhancing employee experience

Employee experience has never been more important for attracting and retaining talented people. Last year, our 2020  Intelligent Workplace Report found that the vast majority of organisations (89 per cent) see it as a crucial strategic differentiator, but only 34 per cent are very satisfied with their current capability.

As the future of work changes rapidly, HR teams have a new opportunity to work closely with IT departments to drive positive change and create sustainable, people-centric workplaces, underpinned by data. 

Workplace analytics is a fundamental tool for improving employee experience. It is being applied frequently to highlight trends from data, including sentiment, community perspective and wellbeing. For analytics tools to be effective, however, organisations need to pair data-derived insights with proactive and empathetic decision-making. 

With this deeper understanding of employee needs, HR and IT teams can collaborate to adapt workplaces – whether they be remote, physical or hybrid – to accommodate new ways of working and shifting viewpoints. 

Demonstrating and defining improvements accurately using this information is also critical. This involves working together to connect data from across the organisation into an overall benchmark, such as a net promoter score. 

The potential of data-driven insights to redefine employee experience is formidable. Yet the most important consideration must be our people. Making sure employees are well informed and feel comfortable with how workplace data is being used is paramount. Communicating transparently and showing the long-term benefits is key to fostering a trusting environment.

Ultimately, enhancing employee experience relies on HR and IT teaming up to strike the right balance between technology and people. This way, organisations can make sure their people are at the heart of workplace strategy now and in the future.

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