How to overcome systemic racism in your organisation

Race Ahead course is designed to help business leaders and decision makers understand and address systemic racism and the disparities that this causes in the workplace

Are you a proactively anti-racism organisation? Do you want to bring real change to the top of your agenda this year?

Everything starts with your people. Recent figures showed:

  • 38 per cent of black and ethinic minority people have experienced racism in the workplace. And as a result, 44 per cent said it has impacted their career. (Yougov people magazine.)
  • Two in five black and ethnic minority workers said they felt less likely to progress professionally because of their ethnicity. (Utopia research.)
  • Black people hold just 1.5 per cent of leadership positions across the public and private sector in the UK. (People Management 2020.)

Has this been on your agenda, but you don’t know where to start? Are you unsure how to implement an anti-racism plan?

EDP can help and support you on your anti-racism journey.

The new Race Ahead course is the solution to start, develop and implement your strategy around race, racism and mental health in the workplace through:

  • Increasing psychological safety and trust for all employees;
  • Creating a company culture built on trust, acceptance and respect; and
  • Enhancing productivity with a thriving workforce.

Just starting is the commitment to change, develop and grow.

The Race Ahead course is designed to help you – as an individual, a key stakeholder and decision maker in your organisation – to understand and address systemic racism and the disparities that this causes in the workplace.

It helps create an organisational approach to tackle these issues, which can 

negatively affect the mental health and wellbeing of your black and brown colleagues and employees. It also enables you to create a thriving workplace for everybody and increase your company reputation and attractiveness to the next generation of employees.

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