How talent leaders can rebuild the way people work

How people work, where they work, and what they expect from work has radically changed. Cornerstone’s guide explores how talent leaders can empower a more connected, collaborative and future-ready workforce

“Unprecedented times.”

“The next world of work.”

“The great reset.”

You’ve heard these phrases repeatedly. And it’s true, the Covid-19 pandemic and other world events have radically changed how we work, where we work, and what employees expect from work.

But in many ways, that’s a good thing, because a shift in the way we work has long been in the cards.

Standing at the edge of a fifth industrial revolution, employees are now heading back to work after the most intense period of change the modern world has ever experienced. This also means organisations have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild work in a way that works for everyone.

And the future of work now lies squarely in the hands of HR and talent leaders.

Like no other business leader, talent leaders hold the golden thread to reimagining the workplace for today – and whatever comes next. As agents of change, you have the opportunity to empower a more connected, collaborative and future-ready workforce.

The future belongs to organisations with the courage and mindset needed to reimagine how they work. You must meet the future ready with agility, resilience, shared purpose, and alignment, as well as deliver a connected experience that creates value for people and an environment that’s designed for collective growth and success. ​

This opportunity to redesign the way we work and pursue what’s possible may never come again – let’s not waste it.

To help guide your path forward, Cornerstone asked talent practitioners around the world – including renowned thought leaders from companies such as The Josh Bersin Company, The Fosway Group and more – what they have to say about rebuilding a future that works for all.

And what they had to say may just give you a new lens through which you view your organisation’s approach to work.

Filled with proven strategies, revealing statistics, and practical examples, Cornerstone’s guide will give you the insights and inspiration you need to meet the future ready.

You’ll learn why (and how) you should:

Make learning foundational to people and business growth

Turn skills into your new growth language

Connect skills development to career paths

Let artificial intelligence (AI) do some of the heavy lifting

Download the guide now and learn how to rebuild a workplace that empowers everyone to adapt, grow, and succeed.