Want to hit the ground running in 2022? Focus on your employees

This year, how you engage employees will be a key differentiator. Experience management leader Medallia breaks down the secrets to being successful – and competitive

As we embark on a new year, how we engage our employees will be a key differentiator between leaders and laggards. In the wake of 2021’s ‘Great Resignation’, organisations are battling to retain employees through investment in employee experience and listening programmes. However, to be successful – and included in that all-important leader category – organisations should follow some simple rules:
Regularly take your workforce’s pulse
Exclusive employee experience research found that almost half of the highest-performing companies survey their employees either monthly or more regularly. We live in a fast-changing world, and the work, health and economic needs of employees are changing almost daily. This means it is critical to keep a finger on the pulse of employees’ needs or risk misunderstanding them.
Employ multi-channel listening
The same research found high performers not only collect and analyse text-based open feedback, but also monitor community channels, call centre calls and external brand websites, as well as leveraging crowdsourcing tools. Adding non-traditional listening methods to gather information from as many channels as possible allows organisations to build a holistic picture of employee sentiment.
Implement an open, inclusive culture
Ensure employees feel able to provide feedback, and ask about their personal wellbeing and sense of belonging as well as their perception of fairness, inclusion and diversity. This open-minded approach builds trust between employees and management, where employees can bring up sensitive issues and are empowered to bring better suggestions to the table.
Employee experience is not just an HR function
It must be owned by senior leaders and managers across the board. When business functions are operating in a vacuum, design solutions will underperform, but when managers work together with employees to understand and act on their feedback, the company will enter a continuous cycle of improvement.