How to help your team and your business thrive

Businesses are struggling to address employee mental health – only five out of 10 workers feel well supported at work. Learn how to leverage existing benefits and build a flexible, comprehensive approach to mental wellbeing in Koa Health’s guide

Over the course of pandemic, and the many ups and downs of the last year, the reality that companies are still struggling to support employee mental health has become abundantly clear – only about half of employees feel their mental health is well supported at work.

Another reality that came bubbling to the surface is that mental health is key to business health. Without wellbeing, employees aren’t as engaged or productive, and without engaged and productive employees, organisations cannot grow, produce their best results, or compete in today’s marketplace.

Simply put, when your team thrives, business does too. Companies that want their employees to thrive will need to create a flexible, comprehensive support system that works for in-person, hybrid and even fully remote teams.

Employees need and expect sustainable and mentally healthy workplaces 

Join Koa Health’s webinar, where guests will be discussing not only why employee wellbeing is a crucial part of business success, but how employers can improve on their current strategies and systems by adding evidence-based resources that support the use of existing benefits.

Guest speakers include Dr Sophie Dix, neuroscientist and VP of content at Koa Health, Oliver Smith, strategy director and head of ethics, and Nicola Hemmings, workplace scientist at Koa Health, as well as moderator, Derek Neale. 

Key topics include: 
  • Why employee wellbeing deeply impacts business success
  • Ways to ensure your offer is relevant and inclusive for your entire workforce
  • Tips to help you find the right fit for your organisational culture
  • How to select products and services to get maximum results with minimal effort from HR
Find out more about how you can support mental (and business health) in Koa Health’s video guide.