Three ways to grow your HR career in 2022

Develop your HR expertise and bring more job opportunities your way this year with these three practical strategies from ICS Learn

Regardless of where you are in your HR career, there’s always room to develop your professional skills and knowledge. Here are three proven ways to grow your HR career this year.

Find a mentor

We can all benefit from having a mentor – that special person in our work life who guides us professionally and helps us reach our full potential.

A good mentor will:

  • Listen to your concerns;
  • Help you identify and work towards achieving your goals;
  • Lead you to answers, not give them to you.

Haven’t met the right person yet? The CIPD Mentoring Programme can help.

Take a CIPD qualification

A practical and affordable way to get the knowledge that you’ll need to progress your career is to study for a CIPD qualification.

Perfect for those approaching HR for the first time, or for seasoned professionals developing their knowledge, there are CIPD qualifications available for every stage in your career.

You can study them 100 per cent online, too – perfect for the current climate.

Attend your local CIPD branch events

Attending events hosted by your local CIPD branch is a great way to develop your knowledge, network with like-minded professionals and keep your ear to the ground for new opportunities in the HR world. You can make friends, learn new skills and stay up to date with the latest industry developments – while having fun too.

Because of the pandemic, some local CIPD branch events are being hosted online temporarily. Check with your local branch in advance to find out what the arrangements for events are near you.

It’s never too early or too late to spend some time growing your HR career. We hope this article has given you some useful guidance.

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