That HR Podcast episode 22: What’s your problem with workplace conflict?

As the CIPD finds employee disputes are on the rise, That HR Podcast learned from the experts how to have more constructive and healthy disagreements

Love might be in the air this February, but what relationship is without its spats? As CIPD research recently found conflict to be “very much part of organisational life”, we set out to learn how to walk towards conflict and have better workplace disagreements. 

People Management’s Lilly Howlett and Siobhan Palmer spoke to Richard Watkins, founder and director of Let’s Go, and learned that ‘shithousing’ others’ ideas can be just as helpful as ‘greenhousing’ them in positivity. 

CEO of UK Mediation Dr Mike Talbot also taught us how to ‘launder’ our language to help manage and resolve conflicts at work, and even prevent some of them from happening in the first place. 

And, following the first two rounds of the 2020 Six Nations, former England rugby player Jon Sleightholme takes us through his transition from elite sport to the world of HR.

Plus Tim Pointer helps a listener caught in the middle of a thorny workplace romance. 

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Thank you to our guests from this episode:

  • Richard Watkins, founder and director of Let’s Go
  • Dr Mike Talbot, CEO of UK Mediation
  • Jon Sleightholme, former international rugby player and Director of Evolve HR Consulting
  • Tim Pointer, founder of Starboard Thinking