Five essentials for driving the future of performance management

Mike Hayes explains how UK employers can offer top performers share incentives in a tax-effective way

The workplace has dramatically changed over the past few years, with constant advances in technology, multiple generations and cultures working together, and the emergence of project-based work environments. Despite these changes, your people remain your organisation’s greatest competitive advantage. But are you maximising your employees’ potential? 

If your organisation is using traditional performance management processes that focus on what companies can get from their employees, then probably not. A growing number of organisations are questioning the value of longstanding HR processes, including the annual performance review. So the question now becomes: ‘What can companies do to develop a more engaged, productive and high-performing workforce?’ 

The answer is to take a different approach – the next generation of performance management principles. It focuses on creating an ongoing dialogue about performance between managers and employees, emphasising the link between employee satisfaction, contribution and engagement. 

To learn more about ongoing performance management, and how you can make it a reality in your company, download this eBook from Saba Software: Driving the Future of Performance Management. It takes a close look at what organisations need to drive the future of performance management and how to link it with other talent management practices and your own unique business rhythm. 

The eBook also includes simple, actionable advice to help you: 

  1. Develop great managers
  2. Set goals that drive outcomes
  3. Build a feedback and recognition-rich culture
  4. Establish a culture of forward-focused growth and development
  5. Conduct ongoing performance discussions 

Download the eBook

Having a great performance management strategy is all about building a culture of ongoing feedback and culture to align and inspire your people. Saba Software makes it easy to align employee goals with business objectives, promote growth and development, and build manager-employee relationships. Find out more about our performance management solution here.