Enabling your 4G workers to perform well

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Many businesses are seeing 18-year-olds working alongside 65-year-olds and a ‘one size fits all’ approach to HR just doesn’t cut it anymore. Different generations respond to different forms of communications and aim for different outcomes from their work life.

Couple this with the demands of the 24/7, ‘always on’ culture we all live in, and it’s no surprise that our workforces are becoming more distracted, more stressed and less productive.

Targeting the multi-generational workforce

Health cash plans are a tangible benefit that can be used by employees of all ages. After all, every employee has their health, which needs to be maintained.

Providing employees with access to a health cash plan repays the costs of their health or dental check-ups, appointments and associated treatments.

As a result, employees will be more likely to take better care of themselves amid the increasing burdens of modern-day living.

This healthy attitude can spread further than your health plan and into the workplace culture of your business.

As an employer, encouraging employees to eat healthier by providing fresh fruit or to get active by promoting walking meetings will help your business to demonstrate real commitment to the maintenance of your employees’ health, wellbeing and performance.

A prevention over cure approach is most effective at improving your 4G workforce’s wellbeing in the long term – meaning they remain at the top of their game day in, day out.

Building a business case for everyday wellbeing and performance

In a society of squeezed budgets, HR professionals are increasingly being required to produce business proposal documents for their employee benefit recommendations to be reviewed by decision-makers.

At Simplyhealth, we have produced a five-step guide to help you build a successful business case for everyday wellbeing and performance. Download your free guide now from simplyhealth.co.uk/PerformWell