Supporting your employees to keep themselves well

Learn how you can implement a meaningful physical and mental wellbeing strategy at work while also keeping an eye on your business’ bottom line.

It can be difficult to know how best to help employees keep themselves well – both physically and mentally. There are a wealth of options available to employers wanting to put a focus on wellness, ranging from benefits such as discounted gym memberships, all the way through to private healthcare, but the key is encouraging employees to make use of their benefits.

Leading Health Cash Plan provider Health Shield has developed an eBook – The impact of musculoskeletal and mental health – which offers employers a guide to implementing a physical and mental wellbeing strategy at work.

Key to the success of such a strategy is ease of use. Health Shield offers a variety of platforms for employees to use, ranging from On-Demand Physio and a virtual GP service (GP Anytime) to an NHS-approved mental health app, Thrive, which can be used to help employees monitor and improve their mental health. Its services are focused on getting people back to work and helping them stay well, so that they live healthier lifestyles.

Not only does this improve employees’ quality of life, but it also reduces absenteeism and presenteeism, where an employee is in work but not performing to their full potential. For example, 60 per cent of those using its On-Demand Physio service are able to self-manage their conditions after their consultations, while the additional 40 per cent are referred for face-to-face physiotherapy – and Health Cash Plan members can then claim money back on these costs.

Services such as On-Demand Physio and GP Anytime minimise disruption to the business, as appointments can be conducted virtually, helping managers deliver a meaningful wellbeing strategy that does not disadvantage the day-to-day running of the business.

To find out more about how your business could benefit, visit the Health Shield website.