Engineering Skills & Demand Report – key findings and stats revealed

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A leading Engineering Skills & Demand Report, published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), has revealed the challenges companies are facing in attracting and retaining skilled and experienced engineers and technologists.

Read more about the findings and learn why the report calls for employers to set a benchmark of knowledge and skills for their own workforce, and develop a ‘home grown’ pool of engineering talent.

Did you know?

  • 57 per cent of businesses struggle to recruit senior engineers with five to 10 years’ experience
  • 62 per cent are concerned about graduate skills
  • 68 per cent worry that UK education will struggle to keep up with skills required for technological change

The report recommends employers:

  • Set a clear plan to support engineers’ professional development
  • Develop an agile approach to training and development that meets the specific learning needs of engineers

The IET is setting a new standard in engineering e-learning, providing engineers with in-depth technical and professional online courses. The IET Academy is the only expert training solution of its kind, tailored to meet the learning and development needs of technical employees at all career stages, from new entrants to experienced engineers.

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