How to engage employees with the benefits they need

We all have diverse needs at different points in our lives. That’s what makes us unique. So empowering employees to choose the benefits that really need is key. Barnett Waddingham explains how technology can help

When it comes to employee benefits, people have diverse needs at different points in their lives. 
An employee’s disposable income is competing against other needs of today, including the basics such as food, clothing, shelter, transport and heating. The aspirations they have for tomorrow might include a simple holiday rather than, say, thinking about the size of their retirement fund. 
Helping employees to flourish
By offering employees the benefits they really need, you’re showing how much you value their physical, mental and financial wellbeing. 
The result? Engaged, empowered employees flourish. In turn, the companies they work for flourish. That means higher productivity, more motivated staff and improved employee retention rates. 
We call this concept Eudaimonia which, roughly translated from ancient Greek, means 'human flourishing’.
The future of employee engagement
This approach is at the heart of Me2, our digital service designed to help employees engage with the range of workplace benefits available to them. 
By communicating targeted benefits to suit an employee’s age, life-stage, family status, health and financial needs, they can then pick and choose those that suit them best – both now and in the future. 
It’s about engaging employees to help them make decisions that will improve their lives.
If you’re attending the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, we would love to give you a Me2 demo – just look out for us at stand H16.
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