Investing in leadership development will help your business to succeed in a post-pandemic world

The team at Learna explain why leadership development is more crucial than ever, and why flexible, budget-friendly eMBAs can help engage and upskill your team.

Investing in leadership development will help your business to succeed in a post-pandemic world

Investing in your leadership team to undertake an eMBA might not be the obvious choice, but it could be the best way to invest in both your business and employee’s future.

The Covid crisis has seen senior business managers face an unprecedented amount of challenges and change. They’ve had to go from coming into the office to working remotely overnight as well as turning carefully developed business plans on their head – managers are now under more pressure than ever before.

An eMBA will provide your leadership team with the knowledge and confidence that enables them to excel, even in the most challenging circumstances, and puts your business in the best position to succeed.

As we navigate through this pandemic, many leadership teams are facing development freezes within their organisations, which is leading to a skills gap and lack of employee engagement. Therefore, by offering your team a chance to develop their skills through a eMBA programme, it will future proof your talent pipeline and facilitate engagement, loyalty and commitment to business success.

We know eMBAs can be costly for organisations, often perceived to be only available for finance professionals, time consuming, and not flexible enough to fit within an ever changing environment. 

But Learna is different. Learna is modern, flexible and affordable. They offer the following:

  • Learna eMBA programmes are targeted towards a broad range of different career paths including, marketing, cyber security, HR and healthcare management – these programmes can be tailored.
  • Learna provides university-validated, ILM-accredited MBA programmes for £7,500. How is that possible? Courses are entirely online, so with no campus to maintain, overheads are low, processes are streamlined and these savings are passed on to students.
  • Online learning provides a level of bespoke flexibility that in-person learning never could. Courses, which are led by expert tutors, are accessible 24/7 permitting learners to study at a time and pace that suits them, around their work and life commitments.

Give your managers the knowledge and leadership skills they need now to steer your business into the post-pandemic world. Find out more on Learna’s website.

Still unsure if an eMBA is right for your business? Learna is hosting a free virtual open day on 28 January – register on their website.