An HR toolkit for reimagining workplace strategies

NTT UK&I’s VP of HR and facilities, Steve Warner, shares the essentials to include in a remote people management toolkit to ensure the wellbeing, engagement and motivation of today’s dispersed workforce

Our 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report revealed that employee wellbeing is now at the heart of the business agenda. The pandemic has undoubtedly played a huge role in redefining workplace strategies, with 77.6 per cent of organisations across the UK and Ireland agreeing that home working has been challenging for employees. In response, the vast majority of businesses (86.4 per cent) said that their future workplaces will be designed to empower employees with choice and flexibility.

With the balance between returning to the office and working from home still uncertain, HR is at the forefront of guiding complex change, while also creating happy and productive workforces. Today’s HR teams need to adapt to be able to support each individual’s wellbeing and personal development wherever they may be working from. This requires a specific set of tools and skills, ranging from management styles to technologies and metrics.

To help HR professionals with this mammoth task, in our upcoming webinar with People Management Insight, we’ll explore the key components of a remote people management toolkit. We’ll discuss why HR is integral to leading the creation and implementation of new techniques as well as technologies for managing and coaching remote and hybrid teams effectively and empathically.

Creating a high performing workforce has never been more vital, and HR teams are facing new challenges when it comes to achieving this. Any effective toolkit should help HR teams empower managers with the skills to recruit, coach and hold reviews virtually. Techniques for upskilling workforces to be able to maximise the value of collaborative digital tools are also key, especially as many organisations move towards a hybrid working model. Importantly, navigating the unknown is reliant on data. Armed with intelligent insights derived from smart analytics technology, HR teams will be better positioned to make informed, people focused decisions.

Ultimately, by putting employees at the centre of workplace strategy, HR teams can ensure workforces come out of challenging times even stronger than before.

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