Fixer: How can we encourage the use of online L&D?

We launched a new digital platform after lockdown, but it's barely used

Our learning and development offering had previously all been face-to-face classroom sessions but, after the first lockdown last year, my HR team spent a huge amount of money and energy taking all our training and development online, sourcing and launching a new digital platform so staff wouldn’t be disadvantaged by not being able to come in. The problem is that barely anyone is using it. We’re an office-based company so only have the bare minimum in mandatory training, but there’s been nowhere near the take-up we expected. 

I know people are busy and workloads have increased, but I think the platform is brilliant and I’m disappointed it’s not being used more.

Wharton School of Pennsylvania organisational psychologist Adam Grant recently published an article in The New York Times about ‘languishing’: a term coined by sociologist Corey Keyes. Languishing dulls our motivation, disrupts our ability to focus and triples the odds that we will cut back at work. At a macro level, the root cause of barely anyone utilising your new platform may well rest here. 

Over the last 15 months, we have all had such different experiences balancing life and work. Initially, online L&D was likely embraced as a routine that eased our sense of dread, but have we asked how people are feeling about this right now? 

Think about what type of structured approach would help bring back progress. Only your staff can provide you with insights specific to your company, and I definitely recommend checking out recent CIPD and People Management Insight webinars in which other organisations share how exactly they re-engaged their L&D. It does require additional effort now, but with a little more time I’m sure the new platform will be a big hit.