How to run seamless employee appraisals

Appraisals are often seen as time consuming and lacking in outcomes. So Lattice has put together a complete guide, which offers advice on designing and launching your next appraisal process, including removing bias and driving effective performance conversations

Employee appraisals are often seen as time consuming or lacking in clear outcomes by management and staff. 

But when structured properly and implemented thoughtfully, appraisals can improve net profits as well as the business’s growth and development. On an employee-by-employee level, robust appraisals give individuals a chance to share and receive essential feedback. This in turn can improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates, all of which directly impact your company’s bottom line. 

While nice to discuss, how do you ensure appraisals are effective and impactful, both for your people and your business, and also seamless enough to ensure high participation rates? 

Download Lattice’s complete guide to appraisals to learn how to design and launch your next appraisal process, as well as get best practice on removing bias and driving effective performance conversations.