Why looking after employee health will make your business excel

GoodShape believes that if you look after your workforce’s health, your business will perform better. So why do one in five HR and management staff feel their leaders don’t take worker wellbeing seriously?

How seriously do your business leaders take employee wellbeing? When GoodShape asked that question to more than 700 HR and management staff, one in five said ‘not seriously at all’.

At GoodShape, we believe healthy companies win. And in the wake of the biggest challenge to employee wellbeing in a lifetime, there’s never been a more important time to prioritise the health of your staff. 

Even before Covid, the cost of lost working time to UK businesses exceeded £40bn per year – and that’s before admin or replacement staff fees. But cost savings are not the only reason to strive for better employee wellbeing. Besides it being the right thing to do, the uplift in business performance gives you a competitive edge in an increasingly pressured marketplace.

Many employers, though, remain in the dark about issues affecting their staff, or how to tackle them. Did you know, for example, that 2020 saw the UK lose more working time to mental health troubles than to confirmed cases of Covid? Or that mental health-related absences in workers affected by Covid last three times longer than average?

These are exactly the kinds of insight that GoodShape’s clients benefit from, in real time, 24/7. And because we engage with more than 70 per cent of our members each year, these are no ‘finger in the air’ estimates.

The results are powerful, enabling businesses to identify wellbeing trends, plan more effectively, and support their employees so they’re healthier, feel more valued, and proud to be part of the organisation.

GoodShape believes the unique blend of clinical expertise and digital tools is a must-have for businesses navigating the new world of work. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the CIPD’s Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021, and hope to catch up with everyone at our conference and exhibition sessions, online, and at stand D42. See you there.