Supporting employees’ wellbeing journey with smart cloud software

Adrian Goddard, HR and payroll sales director at Civica, explains the importance of having the tools in place to understand how staff are feeling and offer the right support

Poor mental health is costing employers between £33bn and £42bn a year, and the UK economy up to £99bn per year. In my opinion, mental health is one of the most untreated illnesses in the world. We can see a cut, bruise or ailment, but we cannot see the health of one's mental state. 

For me, the pandemic has been one of the most enlightening periods of self-reflection. I've observed people making life-changing decisions for the sake of their mental health and wellbeing, making it one of the hottest topics for organisations.

Yet many people teams find it difficult engaging employees to start conversations about mental health and collect feedback to make the most needed improvements. Our PeopleLIVE HR cloud software simplifies and connects every aspect of people management. It combines automation with analytics to allow deeper insight, greater productivity, and improved responsiveness.”

The platform can improve workplace health and wellbeing support in three main ways: 

Empower individuals

Give your people a voice using wellbeing surveys to monitor their health. The insights can help you understand what your employees are feeling positive about and what needs improvement. 

Reduce absence 

Understand absence types and measure the health of your workforce to help strategically tackle mental health issues. Review employees’ health over a period of time to see any trigger alerts.

Understand employees

Taking the time to understand your workforce’s challenges is vital for retention. Employee feedback can be used to support individuals to achieve their full potential, boost morale and help drive organisation-wide improvements.