Changing the way we train our technical workforce

Flexible e-learning is leading a revolution in the way we train our engineers

Forward-thinking organisations are using flexible learning solutions, such as the IET Academy, to reduce training time and cost, while ensuring technical staff develop the skills necessary to lead the business forward.

In today’s competitive market, successful engineering businesses understand that continuous learning is critical for success. In response, a shift away from traditional classroom-based training towards more flexible solutions has begun – a move being led by

international organisations, which are reported to be 50 per cent more likely to use e-learning solutions than those based in one location [Read  full report].

The 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report from Towards Maturity highlights an increase in the use of learning technologies, with e-learning and live online learning seeing the highest rise (88 and 89 per cent respectively). Furthermore, it predicts that in the next two years there will be even more of a shift away from face-to-face training, stating that the use of virtual classrooms, for example, will rise from 39 to 69 per cent.

Personalisation is key

Today’s learners want more personalised opportunities; for example, 91 per cent of staff like to learn at their own pace. With e-learning’s adaptability to support individual learning styles and needs it’s the perfect solution, as learners can choose to engage with various interactive content formats, accessing training when and where they like.

“The most obvious benefit is how flexible e-learning can be,” says Vio Krajacic, learning and development manager for Bechtel’s Global Infrastructure Business. “Online classes can be taken or retaken anytime, anywhere, depending on the employees’ availability.

Read how engineering firms are beginning to embrace the e-learning evolution – full report download