Making a truly gender-balanced workforce a reality

Accenture aims to to achieve a 50/50 gender balance by 2025

Accenture is a company that believes the future workforce is an equal workforce. And the leading global professional services firm – specialising in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations – has set a goal to achieve a 50/50 gender balance by 2025.

It’s an ambitious target but, with the progress made in recent years, Accenture believes a realistic one for the firm. And as the company moves towards it, not only will it benefit talented women with a flair for consulting and technology, it will enhance the firm’s performance.

“We embrace diversity as a source of creativity and competitive advantage. As we work towards 50/50 by 2025, our goal is to create a truly human environment where people have a real sense of belonging,” says Ellyn Shook, chief leadership and human resources officer.

Much has been done so far at Accenture, achieving milestones based on transparency, which creates trust. Accenture employs more than 150,000 women, 40 per cent of its global workforce. The firm surpassed its female new hire goals by 40 per cent in 2016. In the same year, 30 per cent of promotions to managing director roles were awarded to women – the largest-ever annual percentage. But why wait for 2025? Accenture intends to make women 25 per cent of its managing directors worldwide by 2020.

Closing the gender pay gap. Improving digital fluency. Making flexible and family-friendly working arrangements the norm. Encouraging women to study STEM subjects. And providing them with a clear career roadmap – all are on Accenture’s agenda.

Because Accenture is a company that does more than pay lip service to inclusion and diversity.

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