Ever been hungover at work?

It’s estimated that every day, 89,000 people turn up to work hungover or still under the influence of alcohol, impacting mood and increasing the chance of accidents. DrinkAware offers guidance for organisations to help their employees make better choices about their drinking

Has being hungover at work ever impacted you or your team? 

Studies suggest that every day, 89,000 people may be turning up to work hungover or still under the influence of alcohol – that’s the equivalent of a full house at Wembley Stadium.

Many of us don’t realise the effects alcohol has the day after drinking. It can take up to 18 hours to regain concentration and alertness, which can increase the likelihood of accidents in the workplace and impact mood. 

How can you better support your employees’ safety and wellbeing?

We at DrinkAware have designed group training sessions to educate and dispel common myths around alcohol, empowering employees to make better, more informed choices about their drinking. 

The 'Everything you need to know about alcohol' sessions include:

  • How to work out units and calories in drinks;
  • Pub quiz-style alcohol myth buster;
  • Lifestyle hacks to start, including more drink-free days.

Find out how we can work together to keep your staff safer and happier at work. Email DAW@drinkaware.co.uk for more information or visit our website