Modern talent acquisition and creating a winning strategy for the future

Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 report provides insights into the rise of the contingent worker

The war for talent has reached historically competitive levels recently – a trend that impacts all industries and geographies. To gain an understanding of how organisations approach talent acquisition, we surveyed more than 1,100 global C-suite, human resources, operations and procurement leaders, and published the results in the Cielo Talent Acquisition 360 report.
The report provides insights into the rise of the contingent worker, metrics organisations use to report success, and how companies are adapting their talent acquisition strategy.
Stakeholders, however, disagree on how effective their organisations are at finding and retaining their best people. Additionally, the Talent Acquisition 360 Report found leaders are not aligned around their priorities – compounding this complicated problem. The overall goal is clear: get the best people. The path to success leads through stakeholder communication and alignment.
Download the Talent Acquisition 360 report to better inform your present and future talent acquisition strategy and to benchmark yourselves against other organisations.