Webinar series: The Performance Puzzle with HR expert Gary Cookson

This exclusive new webinar series from MOL will give HR professionals at any level the skills they need to get employees motivated and performing

The Performance Puzzle series consists of 12 webinars, all run by HR expert and MOL associate tutor Gary Cookson. Each of the short webinars focuses on one of a wide range of topics such as digital transformation, internal communications, health and wellbeing, flexible working and more.

Every topic covered in this carefully curated collection is designed to be useful as a standalone tool, but fitting all 12 pieces of this performance puzzle together can give participants the skills they need to cultivate a highly motivated and engaged workforce that performs better than ever. 

Tutor Gary Cookson said: “This is a simple and accessible series that’s hugely beneficial to HR professionals in organisations of any size and in any industry.”

HR professionals have a unique opportunity to empower and affect employees across their business, so the skillset the webinar develops has far-reaching potential. 

“People are at the heart of every organisation, which means they’re the key to unlocking better performance and better results,” added Gary. “Our Performance Puzzle series will give you the skills you need to get the most out of your people.” 

The webinar series is an excellent tool for HR professionals looking to develop their skillset and can be a useful addition for professionals already studying CIPD and CMI programmes.

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