Why candidate background checks are essential to recruitment success

Research estimates the average cost of replacing an employee at mid-manager level is more than three times their salary. Find out why background checking with Zellis can make sure you get it right first time

What’s the cost of a bad hire? The REC estimates the average cost of replacing an employee at mid-manager level is more than three times the individual’s salary.

Reducing employee attrition can be achieved in a variety of ways, but chief among these is to invest in a stronger hiring process.

Candidate background checking is a crucial part of this process, but its importance is often understated.

Why? Many businesses treat it as a tick-box exercise – something that has to be done, but is all admin and no strategy.

However, background checks shape the cost, speed and overall effectiveness of your recruitment process.

If you take a tick-box approach, the chances are you will either end up undertaking costly checks that may not be necessary for the role, or you will breach complex regulations by not being thorough enough. You also increase your likelihood of hiring someone who isn’t the right fit for your organisation.

Outsourcing to an expert provider helps you to get it right each and every time. You’ll benefit from:

A stronger candidate experience;

  • Faster time to hire;
  • A higher rate of quality hires;
  • Robust regulatory compliance;
  • Improved record keeping;
  • Access to cost-saving expertise.
Background checks with Zellis

With over 25 years’ experience in undertaking background checks, we’ll complete the most effective vetting to ensure you’re compliant with your industry obligations and confident in your decisions.

Our background checks software is available across all devices in real-time, so you can stay on top of candidate progression. Integrated with our own ResourceLink software, as well as other payroll and HR software, you can increase your efficiency with automated updates to your central records. All data is handled in accordance with GDPR and stored in the UK.

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