Protecting home workers during lockdown

The coronavirus crisis is testing the policies and procedures put in place to protect workers like never before – but SafetyCulture is offering HR teams free help to manage these pressures

The speed and scale of change following the government’s order to stay at home has made it almost impossible for HR teams to conduct home working risk assessments. This has thrown up a range of questions around working conditions and general wellbeing that few were prepared for. Home working concerns have included:

  • Whether staff could suffer from back and neck pain in the future due to inadequate seating arrangements or monitors at the incorrect height;
  • How employees can fit work around home schooling;
  • Whether people stuck at home might work too much – especially with companies still required to comply with Working Time Regulations   

According to research by the CIPD, just 5 per cent of workers regularly used their home as their main place of work – until recently. Now, there are huge numbers of people doing so, and this will likely continue for a prolonged period, so it’s vital businesses put themselves in a position to evaluate the current situation and take action to protect workers where necessary.

Free help available to HR teams

To help HR teams take these steps, the CIPD has published a series of guidelines and checklists covering home working arrangements. To further help, SafetyCulture has made its mobile inspection app, iAuditor, free to all UK businesses for an initial three month period.

Designed to relieve pressure on HR departments, the app allows staff to complete their own home office inspections in minutes – and this includes the CIPD’s own checklist. Employees simply need to download the iAuditor app through the iPhone App Store or Google Play store.

Coronavirus checklists and inspection data analytics

HR teams should need just 30 minutes to set up inspection checklists and surveys on iAuditor’s supporting management platform, which includes:

  • A library of more than 100,000 templates, including checklists outlined by the CIPD, WHO, CDC and other leading authorities;
  • Numerous editable templates specific to coronavirus, including several homeworking checklists and return to work checklists;
  • An analytics dashboard where inspection data can be visualised and common challenges identified.

iAuditor removes a heavy admin burden for those working in HR during these challenging times. You can access iAuditor for free here and arm your business with the tools needed to protect staff wellbeing – both now and as employees start returning to work.