How to choose an outplacement provider?

Providing employees leaving the company, be it voluntarily or not, with a service that helps them find their next role can be a valuable tool. Outplacement First offers businesses advice on what they should be looking for in a service provider and how they can be supportive

At Outplacement First, we often speak to clients who are in the process of choosing an outplacement provider. We commonly hear: “I know what outplacement is, but I’ve never had to buy it before.”

So how do you choose the right outplacement provider? When speaking to an outplacement company your "gut reaction" may tell you straight away as to if you want to work with them, but sometimes you need a bit more to justify the cost of it.

What quality assurances can they give you?

Anyone can quote success stories and case studies, but is there an external quality indicator to give you added confidence? Do they have a Trustpilot page with some externally verified customer reviews?

How long has the company been in operation?

When choosing an outplacement company, you don't just want them to be friendly and supportive, but experienced and practical too. Both HR consultants and recruiters are currently masquerading as “outplacement providers”, because they see it as a way to make money when the recruitment market is tough. Make sure you choose a genuine outplacement company with years of experience to support your employees.

What are the costs? Are services all-inclusive?

Outplacement providers should be up front about their costs and say whether ongoing support and online resources are included or not. Tell them the budget you need to achieve and ask for a clear, written proposal so you can read through exactly what is provided (and see what is not).

How are the services provided?

Many companies “make services available” to your employees, but how does someone who’s worked for a company for 20 years know what they need to get a new job?

Make sure you choose an outplacement company that delivers proactive support and leads your employee, holding their hand as they navigate the minefield that is the current job market.

Abigail Greenley, from Outplacement First said: “If you ask an individual, whose role has been made redundant, what they need help with, they often say ‘my CV and interviews’.

“They don’t know that they may need help deciding on the right objective, optimising LinkedIn and understanding how to find roles in the current job market. That’s why we look after them every step of the way until they secure their new role. If anyone has any questions about outplacement, I’ve worked here for 22 years so I’m happy to help.”