Employee relations is key to change management

Selenity are offering a free on-demand webinar discussing how employers can evolve and drive change that supports their business strategy using HR data on employee relations

How do organisations who are considering restructuring or reducing their workforce approach this correctly and fairly?

We're seeing many organisations face change at the moment, whether it's in the form of team re-structures, downsizing departments or managing furloughed and potentially sick employees.

With this comes a greater strain on HR departments, as they need to ensure that processes are being carried out properly and they are able to demonstrate compliance with HR policies. For many, the sheer volume means a huge increase in resources as well as highlighting any weaknesses or inefficiencies in current processes.

Employee relations, in its nature, has always been about putting people first and ensuring communication and processes are fair and transparent. However, with today’s cultural shift, we’re more likely to see organisations falling short on the latter when put in the spotlight.

Employers should learn how to evolve beyond crisis management and drive transformation. In our latest free webinar, we discuss strategic methods to track and analyse employee relations, delving into root causes and how to use your HR data to elevate case management and support your business strategy. 

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