How to structure a multi-component approach towards wellbeing

To change behaviour, only offering webinars or experts isn't enough. Wellbees believes businesses need to have a multi-component approach towards wellbeing to enable employees to gain new behaviours 

Build it multi-layered

Behaviour change requires a multi-layered approach. But what does that even mean? In order to change behaviour it is not enough to only offer webinars or expert support. You will need to structure a multi-component approach to support employees in gaining new behaviours. 

Offer experts and do not accept the myth of underutilised EAP

Look at the behaviour change funnel – only 2 per cent of your employees are ready to change today, hence the low rates of EAP usage to date.

So what’s the solution? Create an engaging and fun change funnel where you can first create awareness, then interest, finally a decision and at last action, with experts to boost usage.

Create a social aspect

The human brain feeds on comparisons; people donated more when they saw the national average was higher. In order to have a successful corporate wellbeing programme, you will need to offer peer-to-peer wellbeing triggers like challenges, wellbeing events and clubs that employees themselves will create.

Change starts with you

Where does the responsibility of wellbeing start and end for companies? Some people argue it is completely up to personal efforts and some argue that the organisation needs to work on it as well.

We at Wellbees believe offering a solution only makes sense if the work environment is wellbeing prone as well. Track the ROIs for your wellbeing programme with live feedback from employees to see if your work environment is serving in the same direction of your wellbeing goals.

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