How to drive true and measurable employee engagement

HR leaders often hear about the virtues of having an engaged workforce. But why does it matter and how can you measure better engagement? Lattice’s eBook offers insight and strategies on conducting effective engagement surveys

As an HR leader, you probably hear about the virtues of having an engaged workforce.

But, for all of the buzz engagement has been making lately, scepticism remains. Why does engagement matter? How do you actually drive and measure better engagement organisation wide?

To answer the first question: according to Gallup, teams that are engaged outperform less engaged competitors by a staggering 202 per cent. And for good reason – engagement is known to increase productivity, improve retention, and even reduce employee absenteeism.

Step one to ensuring an engaged workforce? Listening to what they have to say via effective engagement surveys.

To help HR teams conduct effective engagement surveys, Lattice has put together an eBook – A Complete Guide to UK Employee Engagement – that delves into the following topics, among many others:

  • 26 sample survey questions that elicit actionable employee insights
  • Trusted strategies for ensuring staff survey participation
  • Guidelines for analysing survey data and brainstorming solutions

Ready to optimise your employee engagement survey process? Read the eBook and take the first step.