The holy grail of managing employee benefits

Reward Gateway explores why it’s important for businesses to have a seamless system that enables staff to easily access their benefits package

At Reward Gateway, we like to think of staff benefits as a bedrock to employee engagement – benefits sit at the core of what your employees come to expect of their employer, along with pay. 

Although emphasis is placed on these benefits when recruiting, when employees walk in the door as a new starter, the focus is often lost as they encounter multiple systems, various logins and sometimes a lack of support or clarity when trying to figure out exactly what benefits are offered, how they can access it and how it can help them.

Adapting to new ways of working during the pandemic has only amplified these issues. Working from home has added a new level of complexity related to accessing work systems and staying up to date on benefit offerings and enrolment windows. 

What we’re seeing is that the tools intended to deliver employee benefits and strengthen a business’s employee value proposition, if it is not delivered in an effective and efficient way, negatively impacts the benefits uptake and employee engagement as a whole. 

By using your benefits technology to consolidate and streamline systems and eliminate inefficiencies, you can create a seamless employee experience that will decrease the level of frustrations they face and the time your team spends administering such a complex package.

Employees want a workplace experience that matches what they’ve come to expect as consumers. They expect experiences to be designed around how they behave, how they work, and what they need to feel connected and be productive. When it comes to the digital tools they use in their day-to-day jobs, they expect them to be as easy, convenient and intuitive as those they use in their personal life.

That is why the experience of your employee benefits system should be designed and engineered with them in mind. At Reward Gateway, we are constantly listening to our customers’ feedback and implementing those changes to bring innovative solutions to the market. With our enhanced flexible benefits platform, employees can have a better experience and truly explore all that their company has to offer them.