PM Insight podcast special: How to thrive in the new hybrid work world

In this special podcast episode, People Management Insight speaks to experts and explores HR’s role in keeping the ship afloat amid the storms of workplace change

PM Insight podcast special: How to thrive in the new hybrid work world

People teams are under enormous pressure in these pandemic times – and that's not changing soon. But there is evidence that prioritising engagement surveys, feedback, manager training and analytics leads to strong HR outcomes and lower burnout rates.

In this podcast, hear TalkTalk's HR director Sarah Blake, and Julia Markish, director of advisory services at Lattice, tackle the unprecedented challenges facing HR leaders as they attempt to cater for a diverse range of employee needs: those returning to the office; those who will continue to work remotely; the essential workers who never left; and everyone in between.

They also discuss the key findings from Lattice’s latest State of People Strategy report: this annual research study articulates the perspectives of hundreds of HR leaders worldwide to provide insight into HR professionals' motivations, priorities and concerns. Other discussion points in the podcast are:

  • How to help with anxiety caused by the return to the office;
  • Why it’s essential to foster an environment for employee engagement –wherever people are working;
  • How to manage performance in a hybrid world;
  • How to prioritise employee growth and development to mitigate the 'Great Resignation'.

Discover practical and successful HR strategies for hybrid working below.