Why it's not too late to get involved in Talk Money Week

More people feel comfortable talking about sex and politics than money. That’s why Octopus MoneyCoach has created a toolkit to help employers provide a safe space for staff to talk about their finances

This week is Talk Money Week and it’s never been more urgent. 

Despite the fact that 94 per cent of UK employees worry about money at least occasionally, new research from the Money and Pensions Service (Maps) found that nine in 10 adults struggle to talk about money, or don’t even discuss it at all.

Another study from YouGov has shown that people feel more comfortable talking with friends about sex, religion and politics than money.

Talk Money Week is focused on increasing financial wellbeing by encouraging us all to open up about personal finance.

When we start to talk about money, we start to feel better about it and even build better money habits. We make better, less risky financial decisions, we strengthen our relationships, we feel less stressed and we pass on good habits to others like family members (Maps, 2021).

Employers have started to play a more meaningful role in encouraging employees to open up about money. And it’s not too late to do something for your team this year.

Octopus MoneyCoach has created a toolkit that includes content you can easily share directly with managers and team members to start fun, safe-for-work money conversations. 

Get the full toolkit.