Research into cancer in the workplace underpins importance of employer support

Following a cancer diagnosis, work can offer the normality and routine the employee craves, but people's experiences of working during treatment and recovery can vary wildly. Find out how Unum can help organisations support employees through a critical illness

Cancer can change a person’s world beyond recognition. During this often stressful time, work can provide an oasis of normality and routine. However, the experiences of those working through a cancer diagnosis can vary widely.  

Unum surveyed 300 working men and women in the UK who had received treatment for cancer within the last five years to shine a light on the true state of play of cancer in the workplace, and the steps employers can take to ensure those who want to work, can work. 

The biggest challenges employees face

Taking time off for repetitive treatment, operations/recovery or appointments proved challenging for many people. Employees also admitted to feeling tired and distracted, while a reduced inability to work added financial pressures to the mix.  

The current level of support

HR or line managers are often tasked with supporting an employee with cancer, but they may lack the skills and understanding required. Another problem for both employers and employees was a lack of awareness about what support tools and advice were available. Some employees received absolutely no support, while others found it fell short of their expectations.

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Unum’s Critical Illness cover

Unum’s Critical illness cover can help support people emotionally, clinically, and financially. Policyholders can also access Unum’s Cancer Pathway, which provides employers and employees with tailored resources and tools to help manage and support cancer in the workplace. 

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