Excessive use of LinkedIn could hinder job hunts

Those who use the social media platform to look for new roles receive fewer offers than expected, according to a study 

Excessive use of LinkedIn could hinder job hunts

Jobseekers who frequently use networking site LinkedIn to search for new roles are less likely to be successful, research has found.

The study by researchers at Emlyon Business School in Belgium found that those who used the social media platform as a jobsite were likely to receive fewer offers than expected – likely caused by several factors, including that they are less selective and apply for positions they may not be qualified or suitable for, as well as the applications being less thoroughly put together.

Comprising surveys with workers and jobseekers, plus interviews with recruiters, the study also found 71 per cent of hiring managers thought a candidate’s LinkedIn profile was important and would look at it as part of the recruitment process, but 78 per cent felt the site was more appropriate as a networking tool.

Professor Nikos Bozionelos, who led the research, said: “Jobseekers should look at the social media platform as a way to network with as many relevant people as possible. Putting a name to a face and having general conversation increases the chances of being informed about or applying for a job that fits their skills.

“The findings suggest that sites such as LinkedIn are more beneficial when they are used as a personal branding and self-promotion tool, as opposed to job advert sites.”