That HR Podcast episode 18: How far should employee monitoring go?

Technology now allows HR to learn more about how workplaces function than ever before – but is this good business practice or potentially harmful in the long run?

Have you ever felt like somebody is watching you? Every day, we receive dozens of emails, interact with colleagues via instant messengers and increasingly use internal social media to document our output – all of which can be now be used by employers to gain greater insights into what’s happening at work. 

In this episode of That HR Podcast, People Management’s Lilly Howlett and Maggie Baska discuss how far employee monitoring can go with Ankur Modi, the founder and chief executive of Status Today, and Ed Houghton, head of research at the CIPD. They ask if increasing use of employee monitoring is truly good for business or a dangerous intrusion.

And in the modern workplace, HR professionals wear multiple hats as coaches, teachers and employment law specialists – but how about also being a couples counsellor? We meet Amanda Hughes, who went from being a successful people professional to helping people work on a very different kind of relationship. 

Plus, Tim Pointer helps a listener concerned they are being asked to unfairly work overtime on projects that their colleague can’t do because of caring responsibilities.

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Thank you to our guests from this episode:

  • Ankur Modi, the founder and chief executive of Status Today
  • Ed Houghton, head of research at the CIPD
  • Amanda Hughes, couples psychotherapist and clinical lecturer with Tavistock Relationships
  • Tim Pointer, founder of Starboard Thinking