Three ways HR tech can solve your workplace headaches

Looking to give your organisation and employees a boost in the new world of work? ICS Learn explains how to solve your biggest workplace problems with three key types of HR tech

With the impact of the pandemic still causing major shifts in how we work, organisations must adapt to effectively tackle their people issues. Here are three ways HR tech can solve your workplace headaches:

Digital learning

Designing a digital learning model is essential to your organisation remaining proactive while transitioning to hybrid or dispersed work.

A good digital learning framework for hybrid teams will: 

  • Align with revised business goals 

  • Offer a variety of learning formats for office and home

  • Align with what employees truly want to learn 

Upskilling employees is crucial for individuals and organisations to adjust to ever-changing workforce needs in the current economy.

People analytics software  

HR teams need the skills to better understand their people data so that it can benefit the organisation and its employees in the long term.

To do so, HR teams should:

  • Select the right data – what do business leaders need to know?

  • Choose the right tools for the job – whether that’s a bespoke analytics solution or something as simple as Google Forms

  • Use the data to tell a story – turn your findings into insights and actions for improvement

There are a wide variety of analytics tools available – make the most of them.

Wellbeing tools

With more than half of employees experiencing burnout globally, HR tech can help organisations reduce the strain by providing enhanced mental, physical, and financial support.

HR tools and software such AI therapists, virtual GP platforms, fitness and finance trackers can help boost employee wellness and staff engagement. 

While there is no one specific remedy for alleviating workplace headaches, we hope this article has given you some useful guidance on how to get started.

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