Creating the HR and payroll foundations for success

Find out more about SD Worx’s mission to help HR and payroll leaders create the best possible future for their people

The nature of work continues to evolve, partly due to digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic, and partly from employees’ increasing expectations for fluid work. Because of this, HR leaders are having to reimagine the workplace, to drive engagement and performance for their teams and organisation.

When it comes to deploying a winning HR strategy, it’s vital to get the foundations right. That’s where we at SD Worx come in. We are on a mission to help HR and payroll leaders build a better future for their people.

For us, continued success comes from understanding the goals and challenges of our customers. Through our Future of Work and People survey with 3,000 HR and payroll leaders across Europe, we have gathered a wealth of enlightening and inspiring knowledge. This has been analysed and interpreted by leading experts to forge a new series of high-value whitepapers, which we are now taking on the road – next stop: the CIPD Festival of Work.

Backed by comprehensive insight and filled with actionable advice, this series deep-dives into the strategic drivers of operational efficiency, pay propositions, data and insights, and employee experience. 

We will be exploring how HR leaders can execute the agenda of the CEO and create a thriving ecosystem to turn strategy into reality.

Without a solid operational HR foundation, organisations can run into compliance issues, payroll problems or process issues that erode employee trust and derail HR strategies. It’s clear that there is a desire and fundamental need to change but frictions within organisations could be hindering these goals from coming to fruition. 

We explore how HR is reinventing the future of the workforce as business models change. We’ll also investigate why creating the right HR and payroll ecosystem lies at the heart of every successful HR strategy.

Bolstered by actionable tips, we are helping HR leaders lay the groundwork to execute the agenda of the CEO. Once seen as administrative overseers, their true calling is being revealed as the architects of business transformation. What part will you play?

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