Humanity at work: a people-centric approach for a new era of work

Find out from Culture Amp how building a human-centric company culture will attract and retain the best talent, drive innovation and increase profitability

Humanity at work: a people-centric approach for a new era of work

At Culture Amp, our mission has always been to create a better world of work. The most successful business leaders put their culture first. We have seen it first hand in the companies we work with. These companies understand that their competitive advantage is their employees: people with unique skills, diverse backgrounds and needs.

We help those companies take a data-driven, three-pronged approach to building an employee experience that people love:

Listen to your employees

Organisations with the most engaged employees have a proactive, multimodal, science-backed approach to understand how their people feel. They leverage follow-on insights and tools (and executive sponsorship) to implement meaningful action that creates real change.

Build high-performing teams

Performance development is more than a process, it’s ongoing feedback: conversations and inclusive coaching built right into your flow of work and seamlessly connected to the applications and devices that your employees use most. It’s bringing decades of research into how to build psychological safety, and into focusing not just on performance management, but on how to lean into the development of that performance.

Develop your people

In this globally dispersed world of work, your people don’t just need knowledge – they need an overarching framework that changes the way they behave for the better, and that draws on the data available not just in your company but in thousands of others like yours.

We know that these three pillars – employee engagement, performance, and development – are inextricably tied together. It’s a proven, uncomplicated relationship that has been the cornerstone to our customers' innovation, satisfaction and profitability.

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