Three strategies to retain top talent

Employee turnover has never been higher and workers now demand new benefits like increased flexibility and remote work. HR teams can implement these three strategies to prevent burnout and increase employee happiness, as the team at Velocity Global explain

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we conduct business as well as employees’ expectations. Now, many workers are leaving their jobs because they're not happy with the way their employers operate post-pandemic. 

Keep reading to learn three strategies HR teams should implement to keep their teams happy and reduce global employee turnover. 

Promote a work-life balance 

Offering a work-life balance is crucial to preventing talent burnout and keeping workers happy. Give employees some flexibility during the workday to take a break, tend to family, go for a walk, or just step away from the computer. 

Check in with employees 

Don’t forget to check in with your teams and see how people are feeling, and offer events to break up the average work day. Volunteer opportunities and other social events provide teams with something exciting to look forward to. 

Offer remote-first work policies 

Remote-first work policies are quickly becoming the new normal. Remote work gives many different benefits to employees, including more flexibility in their day and increased productivity. 

Easily manage remote employees around the globe 

These workforce retention strategies make one thing clear – employees love the flexibility of remote work. However, hiring employees across country borders presents new operational challenges for employers. 

Velocity Global’s Global Work Platform™ simplifies the global hiring process and enables companies to quickly onboard, pay, and manage workers in more than 185 countries and all 50 United States.

To learn more, visit our booth at this year’s CIPD Festival of Work and hear Sarah Fern, our chief people officer, speak on making digital wellbeing an everyday reality on 16 June at 2pm in West Level 1.