Do you want to improve the hire to retire experience for employees?

Provide better onboarding and offboarding employee experiences with DocuSign

HR teams are working harder than ever to snap up new talent. So how can you provide the best recruiting and onboarding experience for the candidates you are trying to engage? 

DocuSign can help your HR team deliver a better employee experience and prioritise people instead of paperwork.

Many organisations have experienced the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’, which is in full swing. Research by Ipsos in the UK in February 2022 found that 47 per cent of British workers have considered quitting their job or looked or applied for another job in the previous few months. 

As many people look to leave their current roles, how can employers ensure they make it easy for employees to start their new roles?  

Human resources is often under pressure to onboard a large number of employees efficiently, providing all documentation as part of the hiring process. The documents required can include offer letters, employment contracts, ID checks, bank details, etc. 

Using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud allows HR teams to execute hiring processes easily by automating complex administration tasks and reducing manual processes. It also enables remote hiring. 80 per cent of agreements are completed in less than a day.

A smooth onboarding process can:

  • Reduce the time to hire and get people onboard faster.

  • Speed up approvals so that candidates aren’t waiting for vital information.

  • Connect, automate, and simplify agreement processes to spend your time on people, not paper.

Employers can also provide an effortless exit experience, so employees leave feeling positive. Using DocuSign ensures the hire to retire experience is as frictionless as possible.