Less than one in 20 employees offered pay rise to cope with cost of living, survey finds

Poll also reveals just a quarter were granted an increase after asking for one, as experts urge employers to offer staff living wage

Wenjin Chen/Getty Images

Just 4 per cent of employees say their employer has proactively offered them a pay rise in response to the cost of living crisis, a survey has found.

The poll of 5,100 UK adults, conducted by Forbes Advisor, also found that while more than two-thirds (68 per cent) have considered asking for a pay rise, only 25 per cent have actually done so.

And of those who had asked for one, only a quarter (26 per cent) said they received a pay rise, with the majority (63 per cent) of those receiving an increase of between 1 and 4 per cent.

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Jane van Zyl, chief executive of Working Families, said many families were struggling financially and needed support from both employers and the government, and urged firms to offer a Living Wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation.

“By ensuring they offer the Living Wage to workers at all levels of the business, employers can enable their staff to meet rising costs” she said.

“We also encourage employers to offer subsidies toward often prohibitive childcare costs, and we are calling on the government to prioritise greater levels of investment in the early years sector,” said van Zyl.

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The research showed those aged between 35 and 44 were the most likely to receive a pay rise, with a third (31 per cent) having received a pay rise on request. In comparison, those aged 18 to 24 were the least likely, with only a fifth (21 per cent) receiving a pay rise on request.

There was also variation between sectors: the computer and technology sector was most likely to proactively offer employees a pay rise, with 8 per cent of workers in this field reporting this. The pharmaceutical and entertainment sectors were also likely to offer employees a pay rise, both at 6 per cent.

Those living in Northern Ireland were the least likely to have successfully asked for a pay rise, with only 19 per cent reporting this, while those in the West Midlands were the most likely to have successfully asked for a pay rise, at 35 per cent.

Respondents in London were the most likely to have received a pay rise of 13 per cent or more, at 5 per cent.