The biggest HR technology trends of 2022

HR leaders say there’s an increasing focus on business transformation in 2022. The Access Group looks at the digital trends at the heart of this

Digital transformation

During the pandemic, organisations accelerated digitisation across areas including digital learning, virtual recruitingworkforce management and absence tracking. Digital transformation will continue, along with the need to achieve ROI. 

Employee experience

Employees hold a new set of preferences. Digital onboarding and employee development and recognition tools are now seen as ‘must-haves’, as well as a growing expectation for mental health and wellbeing support.


Some HR software now comes with mobile self-service functionality, enabling employees to submit leave, review timesheets, swap shifts, and access online training and development tools.

Talent management

The lack of tools to support employee development has created problems for many organisations. Digital transformation of talent management will continue to help build a motivated, engaged and flexible workforce.

Reskilling and upskilling

A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report found that 40 per cent of workers will require reskilling in the next five years. The most competitive businesses will be those that successfully identify skills gaps and respond by reskilling and upskilling existing employees.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)

The need to evidence success of strategic DE&I initiatives with the use of data will continue to grow, along with more robust practices and improved DEI analytics.

Hybrid working

Unified HR software will be increasingly responsible for supporting the remote workforce, promoting proactive conversations, increasing shared commitment and driving social engagement.


Integrated HR and payroll solutions will help organisations remove manual processes and empower payroll teams to become a strategic force within their organisations.

Data-based decision-making

Many organisations still do not have a single source of truth when it comes to data. With the right digital infrastructure, companies can access valuable organisational insights to make more strategic decisions.

An integrated digital ecosystem

An ecosystem of cloud-based HR solutions can be a big driver of overall business success. Making data-informed tech investments will become paramount to not just meet immediate needs, but support future business growth.

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