Want to be more efficient? Combining payroll and HR could be the answer

Staffology explains why integrating your payroll and HR could be the key to eliminating time-consuming, clunky systems for good. When these systems work together, you’ll spend less time on admin and more time nurturing your employees

Integrating payroll and HR: the benefits

If you’ve ever had to deal with the fallout of a human payroll error, or noticed how much time manual processes can take up, combining your payroll and HR could be the answer you’ve been searching for. Integrating the two eliminates time-consuming data entry and the potential errors that come with it, saving your team valuable admin time and effort. By reducing the likelihood of mistakes, your data will be clearer and more transparent, ensuring a stronger audit performance, too. Plus, if all your employee information is stored, accessed, and analysed in one database, you’ll be able to maintain a more effective reward, training, recruitment, and performance strategy, meaning happier employees.

Introducing Staffology Payroll & HR

Staffology is a business built on helping other businesses support and empower their workforces, bringing heart and science to people management. Spotting that many companies were still making do with outdated and clunky HR and payroll systems – systems that were working entirely separately from each other – Staffology created Staffology Payroll and Staffology HR. These two systems are the perfect combination to take the hassle out of maintaining records, effortlessly integrating to achieve the maximum possible benefits. 

When you choose cloud-based systems that talk to each other, you’ll empower your employees by giving them all the key information they need at their fingertips – and prioritise their happiness from onboarding right through to ongoing personal development. Staffology is also fully GDPR-compliant, giving you peace of mind that your data will be secure

Don’t settle for outdated, time-consuming systems. Optimise your payroll and HR with Staffology.

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