Six absence and leave trends we’re seeing in 2022 (with free download)

Knowing and adapting to absence trends is vital for reducing absenteeism and improving the wellbeing of our people. In this free download, edays reviews the top six trends seen in 2022, pulled directly from its award-winning absence management software

Look out of the window or take a walk into town and you’ll see the world has changed a lot post-pandemic. It may feel like Covid-19 is firmly in the rear-view mirror for many, but the impact is still being felt in the workforce today. 

Knowing and adapting to the changing absence trends is vital for not only positively engaging the workforce, but to also encourage productivity and retention, reduce absenteeism and, perhaps most importantly of all, gain visibility of what is going on so we can improve the wellbeing of our people.

The CIPD states that “a focus on employee wellbeing and health promotion benefits people and their employers. It can help prevent ill-health, and support people to balance work while minimising the impact of any ill-health symptoms, where possible.” So understanding why, when, where and how people take absence is vital.

In this free download, we review the six absence and leave trends we’ve seen emerge for 2022. These trends have come from edays' own award-winning absence management software with well over 120,000 absences inputted between 1 January 2022 and 8 September 2022 across primarily the UK regions.

There’s no doubt about it: Covid- 19 is the third most recorded reason for absence in 2022 (so far) according to edays' own absence data – with more than 120,000 individual instances of differing absence recorded already this year. The most frequently recorded reason for absence was "cold-related". 

edays are experts on employee absence and leave. We process over 250,000 separate absences every month, across 120 countries world-wide on behalf of our customers, so we have an understanding of the topic that’s second to none. Visit our website to learn more about edays or book a demo with one of our experts.